Bees on honeycomb

Project Team

Debbie Maxwell (Principal Investigator #ttb1 #ttb2, University of York)


Debbie is a lecturer in design at Theatre, Film and Television at University of York. Debbie’s research considers the way that people interact with and reshape technology and the roles that storytelling can play across media. Past research includes her ethnographic doctoral research working with traditional professional storytellers in Scotland, mobile digital interpretation projects in rural Northumberland, and the design of digital tools to facilitate and encourage serendipitous encounters in research. Source

Toby Pillatt (Co-Investigator #ttb1 #ttb2, University of York1)

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Toby is a Research Associate at the University of York1. His background is in landscape archaeology, focusing on human-environment relations in post-medieval Britain. Subjects of interest include the landscape history of trees and woodlands, archaeologies of weather, and the transformative potential of researching community heritage.
1Previously at the University of Sheffield.

Liz Edwards (Designer #ttb1, Co-Investigator #ttb2, Lancaster University)


Liz is a designer and PhD student based in HighWire Centre for Doctoral Training at Lancaster University. Her interests include the design of digital-nature hybrid technologies to support engagement with the natural world. Her research involves the use of a values-led design process drawn from critical theory of technology.

Niamh Downing (Co-Investigator #ttb1)

Niamh was formerly Head of the Department of Humanities at Sheffield Hallam University, and Head of English & Writing at Falmouth University. She gained her MA and PhD at University of Exeter in English Literature, and her research expertise is in the field of environmental humanities. She is now the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost at Regent’s University, London.

Rachel Newman (Community Co-Investigator #ttb2, GrowTheatre)


Rachel is joint founder and Co-Artistic Director of Growtheatre, a new Community Interest Company formed in 2012. Despite the company being brand new, the founders, Rachel Newman and Sophie Hunter, have been creating theatre together since 1998, when they met on the staff team at the Crucible Youth Theatre. Growtheatre has been born out of 14 years worth of experience of working with young people and adults in community and education settings. Source

Dave Fleming (Community Co-Investigator #ttb2, York Explore Libraries & Archives)

Dave is currently a Community Arts officer for City of York Council, who are dedicated to keeping York safe, and maintaining a good community in York.

Morvern Odling (Artist and Designer #ttb1 #ttb2)

Morvern works across different artistic and design disciplines, making objects, books, photographs and designing frameworks through which others can engage with her making practice. Her aim is to learn ways that her artistic work can help create the world she wants to live in [Source].

Amy Cornforth (Student Intern #ttb2, University of York)

Amy Cornforth was an undergraduate Film and Television Production student, studying in the Theatre, Film and Television department in the University of York.

Julia Smith (Beekeeper #ttb2, Yonder Honey)


Julia has been keeping bees for four years and has hives across the city of York, including on the roof of the TFTV department at the University of York. Julia is part of Eat Natural’s Pollenation project putting Arnia technology in hives to develop a greater understanding of bees and their colonies.