Beelore seed packets on display at a festival, Scotland 2015

Storytime at Tang Hall Library

On Tuesday 29th August 2017, we displayed our (then) newly constructed Beespoon at a drop in session at Tang Hall Library. We had a large number of inquisitive visitors pop in to try out our activities. Many of them became very determined to fill that Beespoon with honey!

storytime 1.jpg Our new Beespoon on display.

The installation works by having someone make an origami flower, when the flower is finished they add it to the display, and they can press the button on the Beespoon and if they are lucky, they’ll see a drop of honey fall onto the spoon as a result of their hard work . However, it takes a lot of flowers to make one drop of honey fall, just like how bees have to collect an awful lot of nectar to make their beespoon’s worth of honey.

storytime 2.jpg The growing display of flowers

Our participants (or makeshift bees) were very enthusiastic, making flower after flower at lightning speed, determined to make as much honey as possible! By the end of the day, we had over 120 flowers on our display, but this was still only enough to fill about a third of the Beespoon! It really shines a light on the value of honey, and how much work it takes to make such a small amount. It probably took the entire lifetime of about 40 bees to make the honey you put in your porridge this morning!

storytime 3.jpg The full display

storytime 4.jpg Our 100th Flower!

After a while, our participants took a small break from making flowers and creating honey to listen to some stories about bees from professional storyteller Lindsey Gibb, which taught the participants a lot about how bees communicate and find flowers to pollinate.

storytime 5.jpg Storytime with Lindsey. Photo Credit: Debbie Maxwell