Beelore seed packets on display at a festival, Scotland 2015

Sheffield schools visit York

We had a wonderful day hosting pupils and teachers from Wybourn Community Primary School and Manor Lodge Primary School in York. Children came to see an exhibition of their futuristic designs for bees an beekeepers in York Explore.

Shaped like a bee hive, the interactive exhibition allows members of the public to learn about bees and beekeeping as well as considering what the future holds for bees. They can explore the amazing, futuristic designs that the children, conceived, modelled and made. They all loved seeing their designs exhibited to the public and took especial delight in seeing the designs the other schools came up with.

More enjoyment was had with artist Stephen Hodgkins where the children made giant bee-themed murals using words and printing blocks, took part in a fun creative writing session based on the funny game consequences with Rebecca and Debbie and were able to let their hair down during a daft drama games session with Rachel! While the children were having so much fun, the teachers (all new to the project - as the children have moved up a year since we last saw them) were gathering as many facts as they could about bees. The winning team was Manor Lodge who were able to share a whopping 71 facts with us!