Beelore seed packets on display at a festival, Scotland 2015


  • Augmented Bee Suit

    Co-designed with workshop attendees during the first Telling the Bees project, the augmented bee suit comprised a hat and veil with speakers embedded inside that told you stories as you walked around a site seeded with radio beacons.

  • The Interactive Hive

    The Interactive Hive is a small bee hive (cedar nucleus box) that contains 5 frames, one of which is a traditional beehive frame containing bees wax cells. The other 4 frames contain computer tablets that, when lifted out of the hive box, automatically play videos showing a hive inspection and a frame of bees.

  • Design Fictions

    We worked with Manor Lodge and Wybourn Community Primary Schools to produce a set of 3D-printed design fictions. These were objects or services that might exist in a future world where the bee population has plummeted or bees have become completely extinct.

  • PolliNation Art Installation

    PolliNation is a community arts installation inspired by microscopic images of pollen and created from over 470 individual hexagons.

  • Interview with a beekeeper (film)

    In 2017, our project intern interviewed Julia Smith, a local beekeeper and a member of the York and District Beekeepers’ Association.

  • The Bee Story Boxes

    The Bee Story Boxes are beautiful wooden boxes designed by our collaborator, Morvern Odling, and built to house short stories created by primary school children in Tayside.