Bees on honeycomb

Design Fictions

We worked with Manor Lodge and Wybourn Community Primary Schools to produce a set of 3D-printed design fictions. These were objects or services that might exist in a future world where the bee population has plummeted or bees have become completely extinct.

bee armour.jpg

Bee armour

Design ideas included the ‘Bee Buster,’ a spray to protect bee hives from predators such as hornets, a ‘Bee Dome,’ which is a sanctuary for bees that includes an antidote shower and a hospital for bees, and the ‘Bee Shield,’ which will provide the bees with protection.


The Hive Hotel

We also developed an interactive exhibition wooden display cabinet to house the children’s 3D-printed design fictions. The case includes an NFC reader and screen to intuitively play short videos associated with each 3D printed object.


The Exhibition Hive


Each design fiction is housed in the hive


Objects placed on the bees trigger videos about their creation