Bees on honeycomb

The Interactive Hive

The Interactive Hive is a small bee hive (cedar nucleus box) that contains 5 frames, one of which is a traditional beehive frame containing bees wax cells. The other 4 frames contain computer tablets that, when lifted out of the hive box, automatically play videos showing a hive inspection and a frame of bees.


Photograph by John Houlihan

The hive is accompanied by a set of interpretation cards. The Interactive Hive was created by a York Cross-disciplinary Centre for Systems Analysis Summer School student (funded by University of York), supervised by project leader Debbie Maxwell and collaborator Alison Dyke (Environment, University of York).

The Interactive Hive has taken to Telling the Bees-attended events all around the country. Local beekeepers have expressed an interest in developing the Interactive Hive as a training tool, allowing teaching in all weathers and at all times of the year, and for demonstrating the impact of disease without the risk of spreading infections.


Photograph by John Houlihan