Adding a bee drawing at one of our events. Image credit Lindsay Perth.


  • Telling the Bees Performance-Lecture (18th Nov)

    Part of the Being Human Festival 2017.

  • PolliNation Art Installation (Oct-Nov)

    See the finished installation from the end of October and throughout November.

  • Hack Camp: Cross_Pollination (1st Nov)

    If you’ve heard of hackathons and Raspberry Pi Jams, you’ll be all over this. If not, come anyway: you’ll love it. Just bring your imagination and our techies, coders, digital makers and artists will help you sprinkle a measure of arts into a dash of digital making to create a unique bee-related concoction in just one day.

  • Manchester Science Festival (24th Oct)

    Catch the Telling the Bees team at Manchester Science Festival, where you can help make origami flowers and fill our fabulous Beespoon.

  • PolliNation Workshops (Aug-Oct)

    York Learning are hosting a number of free workshops inspired by pollination, to help educate the public in global environmental issues surrounding the decline of bees. This will be done by creating a number of hexagons filled with artwork inspired by pictures of pollen seen through a microscope. These individual hexagons will be combined into a large mural, which will be shown during out exhibition in October, and put on display at York Explore.

  • Summer Reading Challenge (14-15 Aug)

    Any plans for the summer? Why not take part in this year’s Summer Reading Challenge? It’s simple. All you have to do is read any six books of your choosing, from ‘Harry Potter’ to ‘Great Expectations.’ Once you’ve completed a book, you’ll get a prize! But the clever folk who manage to read all six books before the summer is over will receive a medal and a certificate to celebrate their fantastic achievement! And guess what? It’s completely free. Just go to your nearest library and sign up today.