Beelore seed packets on display at a festival, Scotland 2015

Project News

  • Telling The Bees Performance Lecture - Being Human Festival

    The performance-lecture ‘Telling the Bees’ at King’s Manor, York took its audience through the past, present and future of bees and beekeeping. Together with Growtheatre’s youth theatre company, professional actors and a local beekeeper, the performance explored stories surrounding the important and fascinating honey bee.

  • Sheffield schools visit York

    We had a wonderful day hosting pupils and teachers from Wybourn Community Primary School and Manor Lodge Primary School in York. Children came to see an exhibition of their futuristic designs for bees an beekeepers in York Explore.

  • Building the Beespoon

    After our unfortunate turn of events at Kew Gardens, we had a second Beespoon made in Lancaster last week, and it’s looking better than ever – as some people will have seen at the Gloworm Festival and Tang Hall Library.

  • Telling the Bees interview a Beekeeper

    A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Julia Smith, a local beekeeper and a member of the York and District Beekeepers association, and she very kindly allowed us to film one of her beehives. Even though I’ve been near beehives before, it was still a very exhilarating experience.

  • Summer Reading Challenge: Bee Detectives

    We had a wonderful couple of days working with York and Acomb Explore to deliver ‘Bee Detective’ themed workshops to a number of enthusiastic aspiring Sherlock Holmes’.

  • Storytime at Tang Hall Library

    Making honey is a whole lot of work!

  • PolliNation workshop: Post from Project Intern

    When I interviewed for this internship, I was told I’d be doing a wide range of things. Today, this was particularly true, as I had the pleasure of taking part in a PolliNation workshop at York Explore.

  • Manor Lodge Community Primary School Visit

    One of the great things about this project is that we have the opportunity and the privilege of working with lots of talented and creative individuals. This time, we worked with the Year Five Students of Manor Lodge Community Primary School in Sheffield, and their enthusiasm was evident in the plethora of brilliant work they created.

  • Buzzing about with the Beespoon: The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

    This weekend we had the pleasure to present our interactive Beespoon exhibit at Kew Gardens as part of their Insect Adventure Camp.

  • Learning the Bees: Blog post from Project Intern #1

    Hello everyone – beekeepers and bee enthusiasts alike.

  • PolliNation Workshop News

    If you want a taster of the PolliNation workshops, then have a look at this video which was featured on York TV!

  • 'Telling the Bees,' visit Wybourn Community Primary School

    All of us here at ‘Telling the Bees’ had a fantastic day at Wybourn Community Primary School in Sheffield. Previously, both year five classes have been working very hard with the project team to create futuristic design concepts to try and solve the problems we’ll face if our approaching bee crisis happens. These problems included the use of pesticides, invading species (such as Asian hornets), lack of food due to reduced pollination and the rise in expensive honey (or no honey at all!) if bee numbers decrease. The children spent a lot of time conceptualising, building, and refining inventive models of their designs through sketching, drama, writing, junk modelling and digital 3D models, which we have 3D printed in solid prototypes.