Beelore seed packets on display at a festival, Scotland 2015

PolliNation Workshop News

If you want a taster of the PolliNation workshops, then have a look at this video which was featured on York TV!

As stated in the video, the PolliNation workshops are part of a community arts project led by York Learning in collaboration with Telling the Bees. The project is designed to raise awareness of bees and their role in the environment through the creation of artwork. The artwork itself is inspired by images of pollen taken by a microscope, and the patterns are then painted and sketched onto hexagonal shapes, which will fit together to make a public display shown at York Explore in October.

The video gives us a lovely sneak preview of some of the hexagonal pieces, and also mentions our Telling the Bees, project. It’s brilliant to see all the workshop participants working hard over their beautiful pieces of art. They look almost as busy as bees, and it’ll be wonderful to see their pieces of work in the display in October.

Importantly, the PolliNation project doesn’t just help with our goal to raise awareness of bees and the environment, but it also helps us in extending our reach through it’s positive impact on a wider, diverse community across York, giving people a chance to be creative and socialise – and an interview of a participant shows how the project is benefitting the community. There are spaces still available in the remaining workshops, to book a space follow this link.