Beelore seed packets on display at a festival, Scotland 2015

PolliNation workshop: Post from Project Intern

When I interviewed for this internship, I was told I’d be doing a wide range of things. Today, this was particularly true, as I had the pleasure of taking part in a PolliNation workshop at York Explore.

The workshop involves making pieces of hexagonal artwork inspired by microscopic pictures of pollen for an exhibition that will be on display at York Explore Library in November in an attempt to raise awareness of bees and their role in the environment. I had an absolutely wonderful time, and I’d definitely encourage people to go. We even got a sneak preview of what the exhibition would be like in November.

polliNation 2.jpg

polliNation 3.jpg Examples made in previous workshops

What I initially thought would be a fairly quick task, with it being a small piece of art, took the full three hours of the workshop and all of my concentration. To begin, we examined images of pollen taken through a microscope, and one thing that surprised me is how beautiful these images actually are. After looking through the images I selected a black pattern and began to study it closely. Our next task was to focus on a section of the image and transfer it to the hexagonal shape using watercolour pencils, beginning with white, then layering the darker colours on top.

pollination 5.jpg

pollInatopm 4.jpg

My own attempt to make a hexagon.

One thing that was particularly exciting was the presence of York Press, who wrote an article about the workshops and the project!

In many ways, the artwork is only one benefit of the project. What was really brilliant was seeing members of the community come together to socialise and work on raising awareness for an important issue. Thank you to Claire and Donna for hosting such a lovely workshop!

2017-08-10 11.00.18.jpg A larger portion of the hexagons. Photo Credit: Debbie Maxwell

pollination 6.jpg Everybody hard at work on their hexagons.