Beelore seed packets on display at a festival, Scotland 2015

Building the Beespoon

After our unfortunate turn of events at Kew Gardens, we had a second Beespoon made in Lancaster last week, and it’s looking better than ever – as some people will have seen at the Gloworm Festival and Tang Hall Library.

It was a busy few days of chiselling, sawing and laser cutting, but the end result is an installation which is far more durable and resilient than the previous model, utilising a wooden lattice to strengthen the base of the installation.

building the beespoon 1.jpg

building the beespoon 2.jpg

building the beespoon 3.jpg

building the beespoon 4.jpg

Prior to my visit to Lancaster, Liz Edwards and researcher Dan Burnett had been working on soldering together the circuit boards to ensure the installation will function efficiently. Whilst I was there, they mainly focused on building the body of the installation, using a laser cutter to cut sheets of black and yellow Perspex into the app

Our brand new and improved Beespoon will be available to see at a number of future events. Keep an eye on the Facebook page to see where the Beespoon will be next!